The Ultimate Real Estate CRM Solution

Streamline your property management, contacts, newsletter campaigns, and lead follow-ups effortlessly – all centralized within a single, powerful platform.

Property Management

  • All-in-one screen convenience for searches, leads, and tasks, saving you time and resources.
  • Effortless vendor attachment and automated reporting for enhanced management.
  • Simple notifications for price changes and updates by connecting buyers and renters to listings.
  • Unlimited hi-res image uploads via intuitive drag-and-drop from your computer.
  • Securely share contracts and vital documents using the Document Vault feature.
  • Duplicate properties with just a click, streamlining your listing process.
  • Instantly integrate proximity points from Google or add custom locations, showcasing distances to key amenities.
  • Craft custom notes for personalized insights, attaching them to vendor reports.

Contact Management

  • Manage an unlimited number of contacts effortlessly.
  • Group contacts based on your preferences or choose from preset categories like "Buyers," "Tenants," "Vendors," and "Investors."
  • Attach property requirements to contacts to automatically connect them with relevant listings.
  • Export contacts as .csv files, ready for integration with your preferred applications.

Portal Uploads

Simplify your listing process by automatically uploading your property listings to top-tier property portals in Australia and around the world.

Diverse Newsletter and Brochure Styles

Choose from a variety of newsletter and brochure styles, or request a personalized custom design that suits your unique preferences.

Automated Marketing

Effortlessly send out scheduled emails and SMS messages using either custom templates or pre-existing ones.

Lead Grabber

Streamline your lead management process with an automatic lead grabber that swiftly imports inquiries from,, your website, and These leads are seamlessly integrated into your database and linked to the specific listings they've inquired about.

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